Modern Pyramid - Triangle Redefined

When structures were built in the ancient Egypt, architectural techniques were limited so aesthetics weren’t exactly chosen so much as imposed by the technology of the time. Nonetheless, the results were often visually stunning, and today you can see ancient Egyptian architecture recreated all over the world, so let us have a look at a modern building designed here at Plazmatio inspired by ancient Egypt.

There's a reason why ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Mesoamerican royalty wanted to be memorialized with gigantic pyramids. They look awesome. We at Plazmatio, continuously strive to produce concepts that makes the ultra-modern buildings translate the pyramids' classical grandeur into today's soaring architecture.

Pyramids still feature heavily in modern-day architecture, and while some imitate or reference those ancient wonders of the world, others re purpose the pyramid form, re-imagining the shapes of antiquity in contemporary urban settings. The concept here, if built, will boast 200 Houses and 200 garages.

Two slopes of the pyramid is completely encased in glass, this from an individual house's perspective allows an unimpeded view for anyone in the kitchen, living and dining room, second floor balcony, and third story library. The home is gets very airy, well lit, and will happily fit a small family of 3-4 people.

Project Designer -Govind Singh